Can You Get Sick if Human Urine Soaked into the Walls in Your House?

You bought your new house in the winter time. It was cold outside. There was snow everywhere. So you couldn’t be sure if the downspouts worked correctly, if the rain water drained away from the house. Or even if there were any smells in the house.

Cold weather is a natural cover up to many ills a house might have. You’ll never find them until it warms up. And if there are odors in the house – it’s often too late to fix them.

Many people paint the walls to cover up an odor. If the previous owners had an incontinence problem and there was lots of urine on the floor, soaked through the carpet and into the floor – like lots of urine - the cold weather will cover up the smell. Until it’s warm again. And the smell has been painted over.

Can you get sick from breathing human urine?

So can you get sick from that smell? Probably not. But that is not a definite no. Human urine can have germs if the person was sick and you don’t know the kinds of medicine they might have been on that could be in their waste. At OdorXit, we tell people to wear a mask as they are cleaning up these stinky houses because you don’t know what might be there. Wear a mask from the dirt, not because any of the OdorXit products are harmful.

How can OdorXit help?

At OdorXit we have three products that will help once your find the source of the urine. OdorXit Concentrate when sprayed directly on all of the urine will eliminate the smell. You’ll be washing the area first so that will normally take care of the situation.
MOMS – Mold Odor Mildew Smoke – is a spray that will oxidize (add oxygen and get rid of) the viruses and germs in the urine but you’ll have to spray it all too.
AQM – Air Quality Manager – is a gas in the air that will oxidize (add oxygen and get rid of) the source wherever it is and make it totally safe.
So here are three options for you to breathe safely in your house when you’re wondering if you can get sick if human urine has soaked into the walls in your house.

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"Recently, I was lucky enough to get rid of a real problem tenant. When I finally got into her five-room apartment, the stench from cat urine in a bedroom, human urine in the bathroom and roaches everywhere was over-powering. I sprayed, bombed, baited, vacuumed and put out Victor glue traps. The stench was still there. Following your instructions, 1 mixed some OdorXit and started spraying floors, cracks, crevices, everywhere - still stinky. I looked above the dropped ceiling and found the ceiling tiles totally covered with dead roaches and their droppings. I sprayed OdorXit on every ceiling tile, the grid work, wall area and ceiling, pipes, insulation, electric cables, etc. I used a total of three and a half gallons of OdorXit mix at 32 to 1 and finally the stench was gone. OdorXit is my go-to for two legged or four legged odors for now on!" Bill Gilliland NJ

"We ordered the OdorXit Concentrate online to eliminate the odor caused by urine/feces accidents in our Assisted Living Facility. We bought it to replace the enzyme product we've been purchasing from a home improvement store. We added water and sprayed it directly on the bed or the floor due to urinary incontinence etc. It worked great! There was no more odor from the urine and no odor from the product. And there was nothing left from the product to clean up. Just a fresh, clean smell. We pride ourselves on not having urine or feces odors in our facility and OdorXit helps us accomplish that." Darcy Harris Bel Aire Assisted Living, UT