Can You Get Sick From Breathing Urine Odor?

Urine carries bacteria and germs and depending on what kind of diet or medication the person or animal was on, it could contain other unhealthy waste. In small doses urine probably does not have much affect on your health, but prolonged breathing or highly concentrated urine could be a problem. Sharp ammonia odor from urine can be irritating to the lungs, throat and eyes. Excessive exposure can even cause skin irritation.

For people with weak immune systems, allergies, or asthma this can be even more of an issue. Young children and the elderly (people who can also be prone to incontinence) can be more susceptible to urine odors also.

How Can I Permanently Remove Urine Odors?

The solution is simple, use OdorXit! OdorXit products are guaranteed to remove urine odors when used properly. Just spray OdorXit Eliminator directly onto the affected area. Make sure Eliminator makes contact with all the urine to permanently remove the smell. It is that easy!

OdorXit is GUARANTEED to eliminate urine odors!


OdorXit is great for:

Pet Urine
Public Restrooms
Nursing Homes
Kennels & Shelters
Animal Clinics
Any Fabric
All Flooring

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I love OdorXit! I have been using it for more than 10 years and it is the only thing that I have ever found to get out pee odors in concrete, linoleum, laminate, carpet/pad, furniture...any place that my dogs have peed. I also use it in my laundry to clean my dogs towels/blankets. I have a disabled dog so we are constantly cleaning up after her. So OdorXit has been my life saver." - Linda Z.

"We ordered the OdorXit Concentrate online to eliminate the odor caused by urine/feces accidents in our Assisted Living Facility. We bought it to replace the enzyme product we've been purchasing from a home improvement store. We added water and sprayed it directly on the bed or the floor due to urinary incontinence etc. It worked great! There was no more odor from the urine and no odor from the product. And there was nothing left from the product to clean up. Just a fresh, clean smell. We pride ourselves on not having urine or feces odors in our facility and OdorXit helps us accomplish that." - Darcy Harris Bel Aire Assisted Living, UT
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