OdorXit Testimonials & Reviews

See How Others Were Able to Remove Sports Odors With OdorXit!

Magic Saves the Day!

Years ago, we attended a large real estate inventing conference, held in a large ballroom of a conference center. Unfortunately for us, the group who used the ballroom before our conference had utilized it for a cheerleading competition! They were jumping, dancing, running, and creating a lot of body odor, sweat, perspiration, and stink. Even after the competition was over, the odor stayed in the ballroom! All morning of the first day of our conference, people were complaining about how hard it was to sit in the room for any length of time due to the lingering odor. They could hardly pay attention because of how bad the room smelled - but then the magic happened.

At lunch, we went into the room to smell, and the attendees were right, it was pretty awful. We walked the aisles of the ballroom and sprayed Magic by OdorXit every couple of steps we took. It really was that easy. We used maybe ½ of the 8 ounce bottle to spray the room which held over 250 people, and then we waited.

People coming back from their lunch break started filing into the ballroom, already complaining about how hard it was going to be to sit there again, due to the conference center not knowing how to remove the smell of perspiration and body odor; but OdorXit did it. The smell was totally gone when the attendees had all returned from lunch. We told the conference organizers what we had done and they were pretty amazed too. They were very pleased that we knew that Magic by OdorXit would help remove the smell forever.

Magic is an odor absorber, and removes odors that permeate the air. It doesn't leave a fragrance, so you don't really know it is working until the smell is just gone. It will work the same way in dorm rooms or teenage bedrooms, locker rooms, or even your sports bag. No more stinky socks or hockey equipment smells from dirty sports clothes or sports equipment. Just spray the Magic at the offending items, and it will absorb the odor. Don't let sports smells gag you. Get Magic now!

Dad Saved by MOMS!

A friend of mine was sitting in the bleachers watching his son in a wrestling tournament, to determine who would be the best at his school. My friend was keeping his son's sports bag while he was wrestling, and made the mistake of opening the bag to look for something. Immediately upon opening the bag, he had regrests. He almost gagged, and couldn't believe how awful the stinky sports clothes and knee pads could smell after being closed up for a period of time.

He tried washing the sports clothes and equipment in the washing machine. He tried using strong detergents with other eliminators in the washing machine, and learned that it was not how to eliminate the smell from knee pads or uniform. He was always looking for how to get rid of the odors caused by his son's sports equipment; and then he found MOMS.

MOMS by OdorXit was the answer to completely eliminate the stinky odors. MOMS stands for Mold Odor Mildew Smoke, and body odor and sweat falls under the category of "Odor". Once the MOMS packet gets submerged in the water for one hour, the water is filled with chlorine dioxide, or clo2, an oxidizer. This means that adding oxygen will get things clean (oxidized), remove odors, and also remove the bacteria causing the odor. MOMS is slightly similar to an ozone machine, but much safer for you and your family; as well as any material with an offending odor.

My friend was so happy to be able to travel with his son's wrestling team again, and he knew that the other parents and kids were happier with the lack of odor from his son's sports bag!