How To Remove Urine Odors From Fabrics

OdorXit is guaranteed to remove urine odors in fabrics and clothing! This includes furniture, bedding, cushions, mattresses, pillows, blankets, and padding. It is safe and will not harm fabrics.

Step 1: Buy OdorXit Eliminator


concentrate 4oz

Concentrate - 16oz

concentrate 16oz

UV Light


Starter Kit

starterkit combo

Step 2: Locate The Urine With a UV Light

couch urine

Shine a black light or UV light onto the affected area to find out how large of a radius the urine has spread onto the leather. The urine will fluoresce under the light.

Step 3: Prepare OdorXit Eliminator


Use Ready-To-Use OdorXit Eliminator or prepare OdorXit Eliminator by mixing one ounce of concentrate with 32 ounces of water. For a 16oz Trigger Spray Bottle, add 0.5oz of OdorXit Concentrate, fill the rest with water.

Step 4: Apply OdorXit Eliminator To The Area

fabric urine

Apply Eliminator to the affected area. Thin fabrics like sheets, blankets and clothing can be sprayed directly with Eliminator, making sure the solution makes contact with all the urine. For thicker materials like cushions and pillows we recommend either pouring the solution into the material trying to simulate the urinating that took place or by using your finger to press directly into the center of the area and spray/pour a puddle of odorxit into the impression and slowly releasing your finger to let the solution absorb deeper into the material.

Step 5: Let Dry & Test


Allow the material to dry naturally and you are finished! Do another smell test and if there is still an odor, repeat these steps, applying Eliminator to a wider area.

Use OdorXit In The Washing Machine


For clothing, sheets, and other machine washable fabrics, you can use OdorXit in the washing machine! Just add one ounce of OdorXit Eliminator concentrate to a load of laundry and wash as normal! Its safe for your washing machine and can even make it smell better!