Eliminating Odors in Mounts / Mounted Hides

Hides that are already mounted can be sprayed with OdorXit solution to eliminate odors. Mix OdorXit 1:16 or 2 ounces per quart of water and spray it on the hide, hair and horns to wet the area that has the problem. Brush it into the hair and hide and let it dry.
Depending on the animal and the amount of odor, you may have to treat the mount more than once to eliminate the entire odor. When the odor is deep in the hide, it takes a step by step approach with progressive levels of aggressive treatment to eliminate the odor. OdorXit must come in contact with the odor causing agent in the hide to make it stop smelling. Even repeated superficial treatments will not solve this problem.
On stubborn hides, you may want to mix OdorXit with hide softener or surfactant (available from Authentic Taxidermy 1-800-264-1801). This will help the OdorXit penetrate the hide and get to where is smelling. Start with a solution of 1 part OdorXit, 1 part Surfactant and 20 parts water. Do not mix more than you will use in 1 day.