Removing Skunk Spray From Furniture

Skunk odor on furniture may be very smelly but it is almost always a superficial or surface contamination on the fibers - just like if you dog rubbed against your pant leg (unless the skunk actually sprayed the surface directly). Odors carried in on shoes and pet paws are easily removed by spraying only the contaminated spots on the floor. Here's how:

Step 1: Buy OdorXit Eliminator.

Concentrate - 4oz

concentrate 4oz

Concentrate - 16oz

concentrate 16oz

Concentrate - 64oz

concentrate 64oz

Step 2: Prepare Concentrate


Mix 1 ounce of OdorXit Concentrate with 20 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Yes – this is slightly stronger than other applications.

Step 3: Apply to Furniture


Give each spot on the furniture a couple of good sprays and allow it to air dry. It is not necessary to saturate because the contamination is just on the surface of the furniture. Flooding the area may cause the odor producing material to be carried deeper into the fibers.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Furniture!


When you have gotten the OdorXit and water solution to all the areas that smell, your odor will be gone. Guaranteed!