Removing Skunk Spray From Clothing

It may be stinky but it’s easier than you think to remove skunk smell from your clothes. If your dog rubbed up against you after it was sprayed by a skunk, it may be as easy as spraying the affected area with OdorXit Odor Eliminator but if you were sprayed directly by the skunk, you’ll need more than just spraying, but it’s still easy!

Step 1: Buy OdorXit Eliminator. If your dog got sprayed too, you’ll probably need the 16oz size.

Concentrate - 4oz

concentrate 4oz

Concentrate - 16oz

concentrate 16oz

Concentrate - 64oz

concentrate 64oz

Step 2: Prepare for Washing


Add your affected clothes or any washable fabrics into the washing machine, as well as your regular laundry detergent.

Step 3: Add OdorXit Eliminator


Add one ounce OdorXit Concentrate to the wash.

Step 4: Agitate!


Turn the washer on and let it agitate at least 10 minutes.

Step 5: Wash & Dry!


Let the washer finish its cycle, and then dry as normal. The smell will be completely gone!

Skunk on Dry Clean Only Fabric and Clothing

Never throw out delicate dresses, blouses, shirts and wool suits contaminated by skunk smell again! Never have them dry cleaned first either before getting rid of the odor. The little bit of water in this solution won’t harm your dry clean only fabrics but will permanently eliminate the odor. Here's how:

  • Buy OdorXit Concentrate
  • Mix one ounce OdorXit Concentrate with 30 ounces water
  • Spray the contaminated areas with the solution
  • Allow the OdorXit solution to dry overnight
  • If the odor returns, re-treat with the OdorXit solution
  • When the odor is completely eliminated, dry clean and press

The odor will not return.

Remove Skunk Odor from Clothes in a Closet

If you have a skunk odor in an enclosed area, such as a closet, the OdorXit AQM (Air Quality Manager) packets will be easy to use, and will eliminate the odor; no matter where it is.

  • Spread your clothes in the closet as far apart in the closet as possible, keeping them on the hangers
    • If it is tight, set up a broom stck across the back of two chairs
    • Hang clotes on the broomstick, keeping space between the clothes. This allows the gas from the AQM to circulate between the clothes and where ever there is skunk smell
  • Open the silver Mylar packets when you are ready to use them
  • Place the white Tyvek packet into the included clear pouch
  • Place a ½ sheet of folded paper towel into the clear pouch with 5 drops of water on it
  • Place a small packet in front of the closet 3-4 feet away
  • Aim a small separate fan with the packet behind it, at the closet
  • Wait. The packet will produce a gas for 20 to 30 days, depending on how many water drops were added. Let the packet run until it is finished producing any gas. You will notice a big difference in the smell in a couple of days, and might take up to a week for the smell to completeluy go away