Removing Skunk Spray From Vehicles

If you've recently been unfortunate enough to run over a skunk or a skunk has found its way into your garage, you probably need to treat both the inside and the outside of your vehicle to get rid of the stench. Start by treating the wheels and undercarriage of the vehicle. If you're lucky, stopping the smell there will also knock out any skunk smell inside the vehicle without you having to treat the carpeting and upholstery. Here's how:

Step 1: Buy OdorXit Eliminator.

Concentrate - 4oz

concentrate 8oz

Concentrate - 16oz

concentrate 16oz

Concentrate - 64oz

concentrate 64oz

Step 2: Buy a Hose and Sprayer

buy a hose

If you don't already own these, buy a hose and sprayer to assist with washing your vehicle.

Step 3: Prepare the Concentrate


Add 4 ounces of OdorXit Concentrate to the hose end sprayer container mixed with one gallon of water.

Step 4: Spray the Car


Spray the undercarriage of the vehicle. Be sure to cover the entire undercarriage, wheels and lower paint. In order to do this effectively, you'll probably have to lie on the ground and spray the car from underneath it.

Step 5: Dry!


• Allow the mixture to air dry and you're finished. Viola! No more skunk smell here! Running a car or truck through an automatic car wash will remove excess skunk spray and make the odor elimination process a bit easier.

Vehicle Interiors

If the interior of your car still smells of skunk after you have successfully treated the outside of the car you will need to treat the interior as well. This can be very easily done with a 10 gram packet of OdorXit AQM – Air Quality manager.

  • Buy one AQM (Air Quality Manager) 10g packet
  • If the temperature is below freezing, put the car in a garage where it will not freeze for 24 hours while the packet is working on the skunk odor
  • Attach the included clear plastic self-adhering pouch to the side of the console or bottom of the dashboard – in the center of the car.
  • Open the silver Mylar packet when you are ready to use it
  • Place 5 drops of water into the pouch before inserting the white micro pouch pocket
  • Place the white Tyvek packet into the included clear pouch
  • Place a ½ sheet of folded paper towel into the clear pouch with 5 drops of water on it
  • Place a small fan in the car overnight to circulate the gas created
  • The skunk smell well be gone overnight

The odor will not return.

Remove Skunk Odor from Motorcycle Leathers or your Motorcycle

If your motorcycle was your vehicle of choice when you got sprayed by the skunk Pee Yew! The first thing to do is get the skunk smell off of your leather clothes!

  • Hose yourself off as fast as you can. Rinse in creek water, or any fresh water you can find. The more of the skunk spray you can remove before it dries the less you will have to neutralize later.
  • Rinse off the bike. Same thing, the more you can rinse off now, the less you have to neutralize later
  • Buy OdorXit Concentrate
  • Mix 1 ounce OdorXit Concentrate and 30 ounces of water
  • Spray the leathers and let them dry naturally
  • Spray particularly at the stitching and let the thread absorb the OdorXit solution. That’s where more skunk spray smell will linger so be sure to saturate there.
  • Spray everywhere the bike got sprayed by the skunk too. If you miss a spot, it will still smell. Otherwise, you and your bike or car will be skunk odor free!