Pity the Police When They Need an Odor Removal Product


Odor Removal for Body Odor

I explained to the officers that the product would not leave an unpleasant flowery or strong smell behind. It simply absorbs the odor. Their duty cruiser would smell fresh and clean again, as if no odorific person had ever ridden inside it. The officers were intrigued, but explained that they did not have the authorization to buy any products, but would inform their commanding officer about OdorXit Magic.

I called the precinct the next week – after I got gas and got home safely. I tried to speak to the person authorized to purchase products for the department, but they swore they didn’t have problems with odors, therefore, they didn’t need an odor remover. Like I’ve said before, the toughest job is convincing people they DO have odors. I finally received a call from a Police Department that wanted to buy OdorXit Concentrate. The lady on the phone said, “They finally figured out that OdorXit Concentrate will get the odor out of the cruiser seats and flooring. We will be buying more of your product from you.” What convinced her was someone in the office who had used it and recommended it. And that’s why we ask you to tell your friends. When I say OdorXit works it's an expected testimonial. But other people saying they like it and that it works, that makes a difference.

Another Odor Situation

One day I heard on the news that homeless people were sleeping on the steps of the courthouse in downtown Cincinnati. The news report said the steps were very smelly because they did more than sleep there; they urinated there, too, and in doorways, corners, and other nearby places. Attorneys and others showing up for court complained about the horrible smell. The city was concerned about the smell, but they were also concerned about how the urine was deteriorating the stone steps. They received so many complaints that it made the front page of the paper. I tried calling the person who makes the decisions about bringing in products to get rid of odors. If you’ve ever been a salesperson, you know it’s not easy to find the “yes” person in an organization. Everybody wants to say “no” and not be accountable to spend money – even if it will solve their problem. As hard as I tried, I didn’t find the right person. Their big concern was spraying anything on the stone steps and deteriorating them worse than the urine. I couldn’t convince them OdorXit was safe and once I did, I couldn’t find the right person to buy the products and use the OdorXit odor remover spray on the steps.

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