My Dog Peed on my Couch, Now What?


OdorXit Concentrate works when the others fail. It’s just that we are not on all the store shelves. People try what the store clerk thinks will work, then they search for more answers after figuring out they just didn’t have the answer to eliminate odors safely.

Let’s get rid of the dog pee odor on your couch, permanently!

OdorXit Concentrate eliminates the smell of urine just about anywhere. If you can get the OdorXit to the urine, it will eliminate all the smell…permanently, too! OdorXit Concentrate is made of water and essential oils. And you add even more water before you apply the solution. It contains:

  • No enzymes
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No fragrances

It eliminates the smell by altering the urine particles so they stop smelling. It’s that easy. The OdorXit Concentrate is our best buy. Add four ounces of Concentrate to one gallon of water. Saturate the area of the couch where the urine is located. It doesn’t matter that you’ve used soap or enzymes or even chlorine. If you have used these other chemicals, ensure that your couch is completely dry before you use the OdorXit Concentrate. If they are still wet, they will neutralize the OdorXit.

Use OdorXit To Eliminate Couch Odors