How do you remove sewer backup odor if the creek does rise?

  • 26 Jan, 2016
The creek did rise in Southern Minnesota The post How do you remove sewer backup odor if the creek does rise? appeared first on Odor Removal for Just About Everything.

It's easy to remove sewer backup odor with OdorXit's MOMS It’s easy to Remove Sewer Backup Odor when you have the right tools.

This past week, after a really big storm the creek did rise in Southern Minnesota! And when it reseeds you will often have to remove sewer backup odor from basements, living areas, items left outside and many other places.  Flooding reminds people why many houses in low lying and very flat areas do not have basements. They flood when the creeks rise and the sewer systems run backwards.
The lucky folks just got rain water leakage through their block foundation walls. But if it isn’t dried fast enough, they still have to remove mold odor.
The not so lucky folks had feet of sewerage backed up in their basements and the really unlucky folks had feet of water inside their homes. This article is intended for those who have to remove remove sewer back up odor and maybe remove some mold odor too.
The people in Minnesota are tough hard working folks that know how to get things done.  For many, waiting for FEMA or some other government bureaucracy to hand out instructions and money simply isn’t in the cards. After all, winter is coming soon and they need to have their houses back in working order now or very soon.  So they need to remove sewer backup odor now to get back into their homes.
Having to remove sewer backup odor or mold odor or cleaning up a basement flooded with sewerage is not just a nasty, smelly job, it is really dangerous. Sewerage is full of bacteria and viruses that can make you really sick.  Using a real respirator (not a paper paint mask) and keeping your hands away from your face can save you from an infection that could be with you the rest of your life.
Sewerage standing in a basement produces significant amounts of methane gas that can explode if it is allowed to accumulate.  Something as simple as lighting a cigarette, or turning on a light or vacuum cleaner can spark an explosion that can destroy an otherwise undamaged house.
The cleanup procedure I am proposing here is predicated on the fact that the water and sewer is working and that the bulk of the flood water has drained back into the sewer.  Of course the walls and floor and everything else in the basement are now coated with the sludge which makes it so you not only have to remove sewer backup odor but the sewage itself.  And that’s what makes sewerage so nasty.

Step 1 to Remove Sewer Backup Odor

Throw out paper, cardboard, foam padding, furniture and partial board products.  They are not recoverable, you just can’t remove sewer backup from these items.  However, you can remove sewer backup odor from many fabric products.  You can remove sewer backup odors by washing them in your normal detergent with 1 ounce of OdorXit Concentrateadded at the beginning of the wash cycle.  Let the load soak for at least 20 minutes after the first agitate cycle has ended (Many top loading washers will agitate but not spin with the lid open).  Then let the cycle finish, dry the clothes and you will completely remove sewer backup odor.

Step 2 Remove Sewer Back Odor from Walls and Floors

Although a tougher job, with the help of a low pressure (less than 1500 PSI) pressure washer and TSP ( tri-sodium phosphate …the stuff that used to be in TIDE) makes the process to remove sewer backup odor and cleanup much easier.
NOTE:  The TSP substitute is not the same nor does it work nearly as well as the real stuff when you need to remove sewer backup odor.  Mix 2 cups of TSP powder in each gallon of hot water. Spray enough on a small sections of the walls or floor so that it stays wet for 2 to 4 minutes. Use a clean (new) yard sprayer .  Then spray it with the pressure washer and a 30 or 40 degree nozzle held about 6 inches from the surface you are cleaning.
It is extremely important to keep the angle the water hits the surface you are cleaning at no more that 45 degrees. (0 degrees would be spraying the water along the surface, 90 degrees would be spraying the water directly at the surface).  Spraying the water at more than 45 degrees appears to work better than lower angles to remove sewer back up odor and cleanup. BUT what is really happening when you have the nozzle at the wrong angle is the water is forcing the surface sludge into the concrete or blocks, not washing it off !  This issue is very important because just washing the sludge off does not remove sewer backup odor accompanying the sludge.

Step 3 Fan Dry the Washed Wall

After the cleaning process is finished, let the walls and floor dry.  Fans will help a lot but there needs to be 1 fan
  • blowing water saturated air outside and a
  • second source fan to blow fresh air in.
If there are no windows or they are filled with glass blocks you may want to consider using a length of 6 inch flexible duct work pipe (most of the pipe that is commonly available from hardware stores is 25 feet long and has fiberglass insulation on it, but it is easily removed) and an adapter to fit over the air outlet of the fan to get the water latent air outside.

Step  4 Mix and Apply OdorXit Concentrate

When the walls and especially the floor is completely dry, spray OdorXit Concentratediluted 1 part concentrate, 3 or 4 parts Great Value Pet Stain and Upholstery Carpet Cleaner and 30 parts water on the walls and floor.  This is the secret ingredient to remove sewer backup odor completely after the prep work is completed.
Spray enough OdorXit Concentrate Solutionon that the floor stays wet for 10 minutes and let dry naturally (no fans). The walls may need to be strayed more then once because the OdorXit Solutionwants to run off before it has soaked into the surface where the remaining sludge is hiding and still smelling. (This is why you didn’t want to force the sludge even deeper into the surface.)

Step 5 Oxidize and Permanently remove Odors Caused by Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Spores in 2+ days

Once the odor is gone, the area can be sanitized with OdorXit AQM– 25 gram packets to totally remove sewer backup odors and odors from germs, bacteria even viruses that might be left behind.  Just 1 or 2 – 25 gram slow release packets in a 1,000 sqft basement will oxidize any remaining bacteria, viruses, mold and spores in 2 to 5 days.  As long as all the water is gone, the spores or germs will not return.

OdorXit Odor Eliminator

By Terri Friedhoff 24 Oct, 2017

The recent storms that have ravaged multiple parts of the US have caused unprecedented damage. If you or your loved ones were affected by any of these storms, our thoughts and best wishes go out to you. Because these storms were so large in scale, people have experienced everything from moderate to complete damage.

Since getting rid of bad odors is our area of expertise, we want to help anyone who lost power for an extended period of time during one of these storms but didn't face complete damage to their home and belongings. Even if you're dealing with a refrigerator that smells incredibly bad due to it being fully defrosted and having items like frozen food decompose for days or even weeks, we want to go over how you can fully restore your appliance to its former condition.

5 Steps to Saving Your Refrigerator After Losing Electricity

The first step is to remove all of the spoiled food. This can be a truly nasty and smelly experience, which is why you'll want to wear a protective mask and gloves as you do it. Once your refrigerator is clean, take it outside and spray it out with a garden hose. If you have a truck or access to one, consider taking your appliance to a car wash and use the high-powered equipment to spray it out.

The next step is to spray one ounce of OdorXit Concentrate mixed with 30 ounces of water everywhere the refrigerator smells. That means spraying the insulation behind the doors,

under and around the door gaskets, the inside, behind the drawers and every little opening where the defrosted food might have dripped. Once the OdorXit Concentrate solution comes in contact with the rotten food smells, it will remove them from your refrigerator completely and safely.

The second to last step is to let the refrigerator dry outside then bring it back in the house. Don't panic if it still smells a little. It just means there is still at least one spot that hasn't been treated yet. You'll be able to knock it out by continuing to sniff and spraying wherever you detect even a slight odor.

The final step is to remember to be a good neighbor! Spray a few shots of the OdorXit Concentrate solution in the drain at the car wash or wherever you ended up treating your appliance. Anyone who comes by after you will be very glad you did.

By following the process above, it's possible to save even the worst smelling refrigerator, which in turns means saving hundreds of dollars by not needing to buy a replacement. So if you know anyone who's currently trying to restore belongings like their refrigerator, feel free to share this post with them by email or on Facebook.

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