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Home remedies are simply not made of the right stuff to eliminate urine odors. The urine residue that causes most of the really bad odor on humid days is a water soluble and extremely hygroscopic urea salt (its simplest form is CO(NH2)2). It can actually suck moisture right out of the air. When urea salt becomes damp, it reacts with its surroundings and produces a gas called mercaptin (A sulfur-containing organic compound with the general formula RSH where R is any carbon based radical, S is sulphur and H is hydrogen. The 2 carbon version (ethyl mercaptin) C2 SH.) is the smell that is added to natural gas and propane so that we can smell even a small gas leak, The larger carbon versions are what we associate with a urine contamination.

Products like bleach, ammonia, and vinegar do nothing to alter the urea salt. They can dissolve some of the urea salt if they are mixed with water, but water, especially when mixed with detergent or TSP , does much better. Once the soluble urea salt is dissolved, the solution must be removed so that it will not make the contaminated area larger and more deeply imbedded in the cracks and pours of the flooring.
Bleach will often lighten the stains but does not react with the urea salt. Mixing bleach and ammonia, even in small quantities, produces free chlorine gas that can and will severely burn your eyes, nose and lungs. Mixing chlorine bleach with fresh urine can be very dangerous because as the urine dries it gives off ammonia gas which when mixed with bleach releases chlorine gas. Enzyme products produce small amounts of ammonia gas as a byproduct of their reaction with urea salt. If there is any bleach in the area, the reaction will be the same.

Some other notes on using bleach. Bleach is formulated to clean and whiten clothing. In order to attain that goal, many other chemicals are added. Eliminating urine odor is not among the goals. If you are using the bleach for a disinfectant, you would be far better off to use swimming pool liquid chlorine shock. It is much more concentrated, and is not mixed with chemicals for laundry use.

Finally, do not use OdorXit Concentrate in combination with chlorine or oxygen based bleach products. They both oxidize the organic salts and oils in OdorXit, making them ineffective.

Sealing and Painting Floors Sealing in odors with paint is like wrapping one side of a Christmas present.
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