Get Rid of Mouse Pee Odor in an RV

Get Rid of Mouse Pee Odor in an RV

How to get OdorXit into unreachable duct work areas, HVAC pipes and between closely spaced rafters in ceiling and floor joists can be done easily with this process!

Often times, RV and home owners will find rodent droppings, nests and body parts in unreachable areas between HVAC pipes, joists in ceilings and floors and more. Because OdorXit Concentrate must react directly with the urine residue to eliminate the odor, it is necessary to get a sprayer nozzle within a few inches of the contaminated areas to neutralize the contaminate (urea salt in the urine). 

The following is our technique to make this happen:

What you’ll need:
  • 1 or ½ gallon garden pump sprayer with a long application wand 
  • 5/16” or 3/8” diameter wand
  • Plastic compression fittings to hold the wand in place in the control handle
  • Nylon tubing ~10’ long (the length of the duct work where the mouse/rat droppings and urine are contained) and the same diameter as the wand on the sprayer
  • Tubing cutter or fine tooth hacksaw  

What to do:
  1. Cut off the wand leaving an inch of tubing sticking out of the control handle and out of nozzle fitting so that a slip-on union fitting can be placed on both stubs of tubing sticking out of the control valve and spray nozzle fitting.
  2. Insert open ends of the nylon tubing into the other ends of the union.    
  3. Feed the nozzle end into the area to be sprayed. Because the nylon tubing is fairly stiff, you can do this with almost no difficulty.  
  4. Fill up your spray tank with OdorXit Concentrate and water once you get the nozzle all the way to the end of the area to be sprayed. The ratio is:   ½ gallon water to 2 ounces Concentrate or 1 gallon water to 4 ounces Concentrate  
  5. Pump up the tank with air and listen carefully for spray to come out the nozzle.    
  6. Slowly pull the control valve back, retrieving the nylon and nozzle spraying inside of cavity to be sprayed. The slower you pull out the tubing, the more OdorXit solution will be sprayed on the inside of the cavity.    
NOTES: If the cavity bottom is drywall, pulling the tubing out too slowly may cause staining.

If there were mice nests in the cavity, remove as much of the nest and droppings as possible before you treat the area.

Some situations where the cavity may be very long it might be necessary to tape the nylon tube to a small but long piece of wood to stiffen the hose to push it deeper into a cavity or heat duct.  

This process allows the OdorXit and water solution to be in contact with all the urine and eliminate the odor permanently…or until more mice invade your space!
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