Extreme Example 3 Urine Contamination

Extreme Urine Contamination Example 3

These pictures show a piece of carpet removed from a house the really didn't smell too bad until we took out this piece of carpet. We can all agree that this carpet is worn out, but the area where the square is laying is not completely worn out and not badly stained except a small discoloration on the right side. But...
extreme odor elimination green carpet
This is what the back of the carpet looked like! The backing was so weak that you could tear the dark spots. Just as an experiment, we cut a 2 inch strip off along the right side of the carpet from Section A to Section B and treated it with 1:32 and 1:16 OdorXit solution. The carpet in Section A was completely odorless after 1 soaking with 1:32 solution. The upper end of Section B still had some odor even after soaking with 1:16 solution. It seems that there is a limit to the level of contamination that can be successfully treated with OdorXit. Note that no attempt to shampoo the carpet was made prior to treatment with OdorXit. What ever urine byproducts were in the carpet were what was being treated. Take my word for it, this carpet smelled BAD!!!
extreme odor elimination green carpeting

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