Extreme Example 2 Urine Contamination

Extreme Urine Contamination Example 2

This picture shows a piece of tack strip that was removed from a badly contaminated house that had wall to wall carpeting laid over glued down parquet flooring on concrete. The carpet was completely ruined and discarded and some of the parquet was removed revealing severe contamination on the concrete and under the walls.

The wood in Section A was left for comparison with the relatively uncontaminated flooring in Section C. The tack strip was also left in place, a section of which is pictured below. One other point to notice is the white marks on the paquet flooring in Section A & C. The what marks are reflections of the strobe light on the camera use to make the picture from the spots of crystalized urea salt on the surface of the wood. There are no white spots in Section B because the urea salt is in down in the concrete.

Notice the stained flooring in Section B. Some of the discoloration is the glue to hold the wood in place, but the dark areas are were the urine seeped between the boards. Note the very dark area along the trim strip. This is a very heavily contaminated area. Further the wood along the bottom of the wall was also very badly contaminated. Repeated spraying of 1:30 OdorXit solution on the floor and directly into the gap between the floor and the trim strip was necessary to eliminate the odor here.
extreme odor elimination
The picture below is of some of the tack strip removed from this same room. Notice the rust and discoloration around each tack. The bottom picture is the back of the same piece of tack strip. Notice that the staining does not extend to the end of the piece. This is a rather typical situation that occurs. Replacing this material is essential for complete odor elimination and proper installation of the new carpet.
extreme odor elimination tack strip contamination

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