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Odor control and elimination is a day care facility is quite different from removing urine from a home or car or clothing, because: The floor covering is normally not carpet 

The urine is discovered before it has had a chance to dry, 

The urine has not had hours or weeks to soak in to the floor or other contaminated material. 

These are not rival issues and they work to a very great extent to the advantage of facilities personnel. Urine normally has very little odor as it exits the the child, and it is usually sterile or without bacteria unless the child has some sort of infection. As the water evaporates from the urine and the uric acid becomes more concentrated it breaks down into ammonia gas urea salt. The really nasty odor produced by urine residue (especially on humid days) is mercaptan gas (the odorant put into natural gas and propane) which is produced by a chemical reaction between the urea salt, hydrogen and sulphur in the presence of water (as a catalyst). A tiny amount of urea salt and as little as 50% relative humidity is quite enough to produce a lot of very bad smelling mercaptan gas. This gas that can fill a room with bad smelling gas, which makes the actual source of the odor more difficult to find. Allowing urine contamination to dry before the effort to clean up the urine allows the resulting urea salt to bond to the material on which it is precipitating. Simply wiping up the wet urine up with a paper towel will remove the bulk of the uric acid and urea salt before it has had a chance to bond to the floor covering. This action does not, however, satisfy most day care facility operating regulations for decontamination and disinfection. Unfortunately the decontaminate or disinfectant does nothing to eliminate the odor that will later be produced by any urea salt that has bonded. This can be treated by simply spraying the contaminated area with OdorXit Magic that is ready to use as delivered in a mist spray bottle and will eliminate the odor nearly immediately and for several days, while spraying the area with diluted OdorXit Concentrate will eliminate the odor for ever, or until it is recontaminated with more urine. 

Potty Training 
Potty training rooms have an additional issue associated with stool odors which can be quite strong and in fact strong enough to make potty training an ongoing challenge for child care workers. Daily spraying of the walls adjacent to the potty chair and the pot associated with the chair with OdorXit Magic will absorb the odors before they become a problem while a child is using the facilities. It also substantially reduces the odors encountered during the clean up procedure. 

Diaper Changing 
Changing a soiled diapers can also be a highly odorous procedure depending on the child and the food it has been consuming. Once the diaper is separated from the child, the contents of the diaper and the wipes used to clean the child can be sprayed with OdorXit Magic to eliminate the odor of the stool. Spraying the outside of the rolled up soiled diaper (whether cloth or disposable) will further reduce the odor given off by the soiled diaper for at least hours and certainly until the parent picks up the child and soiled cloth diapers. Because OdorXit Magic is mostly water with water soluble active ingredients, it will wash out during normal laundering. < /P> 

Vomit Cleanup 
Cleaning up vomit as apposed to simple spitting up formula or lunch can be a serious clean up and odor issue. If the child has a fever the chances of there being a pathogen in the vomit is far from zero and the associated danger to the other children and workers can be serious. 

Removing the initical smell of the vomit can be a primary concern. Spraying the vomit with OdorXit Magic will absorb the vast majority of the smell giving the children and clean up worker a real break while scooping up the bulk of the stomach contents into a garbage bag for disposal. Washing the involved area with soap and hot water and spraying the area with an approprate disinfectant is a must to comply with regulations. Spraying the stomach contents in the garbage bag with disinfectant bay also be required in some area. Spraying the vomit area again and spraying the outside of the bag containing the stomach contents with OdorXit Magic will reduce the smell to near zero. 
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