Applicators for OdorXit Concentrate

OdorXit Concentrate is a "Contact Chemistry" product. This means that it must come in direct contact with the material causing the objectionable odor in order to eliminate the odor. If OdorXit does not come in direct contact with all of the odor causing material, the odor will not be completely eliminated.

Therefor, using an approprate applicator for the specific task at hand is an important part of getting the desired results from OdorXit.

  • For very small areas (one time pet accident), a trigger pump sprayer is completely acceptable.
  • For small areas and taxidermy, a 1/2 gallon hand held tank sprayer will perform very well.
  • For larger areas you may want to consider a 1 or 2 gallon garden or deck tank type sprayer.
  • And for those really big jobs like yards and gardens, several adjustable mixture rate End-Hose Sprayers are now available, are cost effective, and work very well.
Do Not use tank sprayers that have been used for bug poison, yard chemicals or deck sealer to apply OdorXit. Always start with a new sprayer and use it only for OdorXit..
Applying OdorXit Concentrate With Carpet Cleaning Machines
OdorXit Concentrate's unique chemistry makes applying it to contaminated carpeting with a carpet cleaning machine a natural match but there is some finesse involved. Unlike most odor control products, OdorXit can be mixed with the carpet shampoo and take benefit from the surfactant (wetting agents) in most shampoo.

Using even with the best and most powerful carpet cleaning machines, only the carpets nap and top of the backing material are affected by the cleaning process. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that applying OdorXit with a carpet cleaning machine will only affect the contaminants in the carpets nap and the top of the backing though most if not all of the backing is actually treated.

We recommend that you start your carpet recovery effort with a carpet cleaning machine to apply OdorXit in combination with the carpet shampoo supplied with the machine (2 to 3 ounces of OdorXit per gallon)

There are two benefits to this method of application:
  • the carpet gets cleaned, and
  • the wetting agent in the shampoo helps the OdorXit penetrate more deeply into the carpet nap and backing
The finesse in the process is to spray a final light coat of shampoo and OdorXit Concentrate on the carpet and not vacuum it back out. Do not make this a heavy coat, you are just trying to leave a fresh coat of OdorXit Concentrate on the carpet so that it can soak in to places it has not already gotten to yet.

After the carpet is cleaned (to the extent it will clean up) it will be obvious whether the carpet should be replaces. If it is acceptably clean and odor free, your recovery may be complete though it is unlikely. More often than not, the padding is harboring the bulk of the urine residue and will need to be replaced.

We have used the Hoover Steam & Vac 5 brush home unit and it works very well, but it costs well over $200. We have not used or priced the DirtDevil and search for Upright Extractor or the Bissell upright carpet cleaners, but they too seems to have the right stuff. Renting a cleaning machines is an alternative but most rentals do not have the agitators or beater bars needed to work the OdorXit into the carpet especially when working with Berber carpet.

Both Hoover and Dirt Devil carpet cleaning shampoos have surfactant additives. You will find surfactants listed on the warning label because it is capable of soaking right through you skin. OdorXit is extremely safe to use but I don't think injecting it and carpet shampoo under my skin is something I would want to try. So, when you are using anything containing surfactants, be aware that there can be serious consequences.
Tank Sprayers for OdorXit Concentrate
Several nationwide companies including LESCO, Lowes, RL Flo-Master, Chapin , and Sears have a variety of tank type sprayers. Because they change there web sites so often you will need to use their search window to find the sprayers. Search for "tank sprayer" and you will get what you are looking for. Most are provided with a circular of conical spray nozzle. We have found that these nozzles are less than optimal for applying OdorXit to walls and flooring. A flat fan spray nozzle gives far better coverage. Many of the deck sprayers we have seen come with a fan spray nozzle and some even have a small plastic filter built into the nozzle assembly. The filter is a small item but a huge improvement because tap water has small chunks of scale and other stuff that will clog any nozzle repeatedly.

RL Flo-Master is one of the leading manufactures of small lawn and garden sprayer products. They are featured in stores like Home Depot, Wal*Mart, K-Mart, Meijers, Scotty's, Wester Auto, and many local and national stores. Amongst the products they offer is part number 1985 3 pint and the 1998 2.5 pint hand held sprayer that are great for small to moderate indoor applications using OdorXit.For larger sprayers and a full explanation of their products click here

LESCO has a wide variety of very high quality tank sprayers available in many areas of the United States. LESCO stores cater to the lawn care industry. As a result they have a full line of tank sprayers of superior quality ranging for 1/2 gallon to large back pack sprayers. The 1/2 gallon unit is less than $20 and is very effective for the application of OdorXit. It too is supplied with a conical spray tip but it can be easily replaced with a brass fan spray nozzle generally available at LESCO. The Sears Nozzle Assortment" package number 07101625 will also fit on the half gallon LESCO sprayer ( conversion to a flat spray ). LESCO's web site is They have a toll free number (800-321-5325) for locating the nearest LESCO store to your location.

Some of LESCO's tank sprayers are viewable below:
  • The 1/2 gallon hand sprayer can be used for all small jobs, part number #0201295 is less than $20.
  • The 1 gallon tank sprayer can be used for all spray on applications, part number #031573 is less than $40.
  • The 2 gallon tank sprayer is for those big jobs, part number #003075 is less than $45.00
The brass fan spray nozzle from LESCO part number # 035915 is less that $2.50. 
Just for reference, LESCO's standard conical nozzle on the 1/2 gallon sprayer

Spraying Systems Co.
Finally, for those of you who what the most flexibility and are willing to pay for it, a company named Spraying Systems Co . P.O. BOX 7900, North Avenue at Schmalz Rd., Wheaton, Il 60189-7900 USA phone 1-630-665-5000 produces a line of spray products for farm applications that can be adapted to many but not all tank spray wands. They also have replacement wands that can be adapted to all tank sprayers with wands. The nozzle mounting adapter unit has 1/4" NPT, most wands have 1/4" straight thread. Their product line is called TEEJET and is available at most farm implement store for crop spraying. The advantage of these products is the wide variety of flow rates, spray patterns and filters available. We have found that the TPxxxxE series nozzles produce a wide, flat, even spray that is just what is needed. There is a wide range of flow rate nozzles available. They are not cheap but they last for ever and work really will.

This might seem to be a bit of over kill for getting rid of urine, or mold & mildew odors, but it is actually not. Particularly with mold and mildew, the walls and ceilings are involved as well as the carpet, flooring and furniture. Spraying the walls and ceiling with a high flow nozzle will result in runs and streaks caused by applying too much liquid. The low and very low flow rate nozzles, (less than .1 gallon per minute) aside from spraying a smaller amount of material per minute, also causes the spray to be much finer (the droplets are very much smaller). With the addition of carpet cleaning shampoo (2 or 3 ounces per gallon) to the mixture of water and OdorXit Concentrate or OdorXit CLO2 dissolved in water, these smaller droplets can and do completely cover an area without causing runs and drips, avoiding lasting stains on the walls. The higher flow rate nozzles are required for treating walls of concrete, concrete blocks, and most wood flooring. Spraying carpets with a sprayer except for superficial contamination is not nearly as effective as using a carpet cleaning machine.
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