Additional Treatment with Odorxit Concentrate

Additional Carpet Treatment with OdorXit Concentrate

The additional treatment is OdorXit Concentrate. When OdorXit comes in contact with urea salt, it reacts with the salt in the same way that the hydrogen sulfide(HS) does, preventing the HS reaction from occurring. Because OdorXit is a liquid, like urine, it can and does get into all the places where the urine has gone. But remember, the urine has had days or weeks and often months or years to get to all the really hidden places. By force of knowledge and volume of OdorXit, you and OdorXit can get to those same places much faster.

OdorXit solution can be applied to carpet with a carpet shampoo machine or an extractor but this is not nearly as effective as spraying. Spraying OdorXit onto carpeting is very effective especially while the carpet is wet from shampooing..

OdorXit can and should be sprayed on to any hard surfaces A trigger sprayer works well enough on small areas but a tank type sprayer is required for larger areas. DO NOT USE SPRAYERS THAT HAVE BEEN USED FOR BUG POISON OR YARD CHEMICALS FOR ODORXIT! Get a new one.
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The object is to get the OdorXit solution in physical contact with all of the urea salt. Any urea salt left in its original form will continue to produce mercaptan in amounts proportional to the amount of untreated urea salt (too much).

Now comes the question; Why mess around with removing the dirt and urea salts in the first place if OdorXit can and does neutralize it? The answer is: urea salt is extremely hygroscopic even after OdorXit has modified it. If left in the carpet or flooring every time the weather gets a little humid the affected area will become wet regardless of whether is stinks.

Step by Step Recovery of Urine Contaminated Carpeting Getting the odor out of a shabby carpet nets you an odor free shabby carpet
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