Eliminate Odors In Houses Before You Even List Them. As A Real Estate Agent You Are All Too Aware Of The Very Old Saying If It Smells It Won't Sell smelly houses, Mold, mildew, cooking odors, smoke odor, cigarette odor, tobacco odor, body odor, pet odor
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The market is tough and getting tougher. Make your job easier by making your clients properties easier to sell at higher prices.

If you have questions or problems, call our odor experts for help. We actually answer the phones and have solutions that work. After all, your success is our success.

Every Successful Real Estate Agent Knows That "If It Smells It Won't Sell!" Now you can fix the smell without problematic cover ups, cookies in the oven and running the AC at 65 degrees.

Yes, I know the games real estate agents play to cover up odors and I have seen more than a few agents, inspectors and sellers taken to court for not disclosing serious odor problems. One buyer we have worked with was awarded $40,000 from the seller because the house had such a serious pet odor problems that was temporarily covered up with 5 coats of sealer and paint on the basement floor and air fresheners all over the house.

In the past there have been several obstacles to really fixing the odor.

  • The first problem has been finding products that would remove the odors completely and permanently.
  • The second problem was getting a product that worked applied to the property properly.
  • The third problem is treating the problem before the home owner uses some home remedy, paint or sealer to "seal in the odor" which makes even easy to remove odors hard to remove.

OdorXit® Products safely and ecologically responsibly eliminate odors found in houses including:

  • cooking odors,
  • pet odors
  • mold and mildew
  • even cigarette and fire smoke

And OdorXit® Products really do work.
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OdorXit® Concentrate:

  • eliminates urine,feces, vomit, garbage and more smells permanently
  • is safe and works on homes, crawl spaces and clothing.
  • contains no dangerous chemicals, enzymes or bacteria
  • will not stain or discolor fabric, leather, or hair

OdorXit® ClO2:
What is OdorXit® Concentrate | Speaker Testimonials | Concentrate User Testimonials
What is OdorXit® ClO2 | OdorXit® CLO2 Testimonials

To talk to one of our odor control experts via email or call us at 877-636-7948 or (01-)513-895-1000
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