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Extreme Scent Spray Contamination Example 4

Unfortunately there are no pictures of this case but I think you will get the picture from the words.

This was a 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom rental north of Louisville, Ky that a lady and up to 12 cats lived for 2 years. The entire house reeked of cat odors including the full basement. The house had been cleaned out completely and washed with TSP several times and heavily treated with OdorXit several times as well. The odor was reduced but no where near acceptable levels!

I drove down from Cincinnati to get some first hand knowledge of what was happening and see why what the rehabber was doing was not working.

It turns out there was one bedroom that was really really bad. The entry and closet doors and frames had both been removed, some of the flooring had been removed and part of the window frame trim had been removed. All were really nasty smelling.

While inspecting the room, I noticed that the electrical boxes were rusted badly even though they were of a newer design and could not have been more than 10 years old when the wiring had been updated. I took my pen and pushed it against the wall, and to my surprise it went right through! So we struck a line at 24 1/2 inches off the floor and cut out the bottom 2 feet of dry wall. This exposed all the electrical boxes and the interior of the wall.

The drywall was soaked and smelled worse than any that I have seen to date. All of the electrical boxes were ruined as well as the duplex connectors they housed and the exposed copper wire had turned green. There appeared to be spray marks higher on the walls, apparently from the cats spraying from on top of furniture.

Ultimately the rehabber removed 4 feet of drywall replaced the electrical boxes, duplex connectors, switches and drywall after cleaning and spraying the now exposed interior of all the walls in the room. This process completed the odor remediation for the house and the project moved forward to completion with no odor returning.

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