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Special Tools and Procedures

This section is intended to help those who are rehabbing a building or house that has been contaminated with urine or other liquid containing organic odor producing materials like flood water etc. Many will immediately recognize the cut away drawing below as the end view of a section of flooring and wall. It is presented to show the areas where odor causing contaminants can hide. Carpeting and padding is only one of very many places. Some of these places are quite difficult to get to using normal tools and procedures. Getting odors that have seeped under walls, and hardwood flooring can be very difficult to treat with just a sprayer. Click on the pictures for a larger version.

The drawing to the left is a cut away view of a typical modern construction house in the USA. It shows a view of a wall and floor as it would be seen if the wall and floor were simply cut off someplace in the middle of a wall.

The point is to show the many layers and components involved in building a wall and floor section. It also shows all the places where liquid contamination can hide once it gets near the edge of the flooring or carpet.

The hole drilled diagonally from the left is sometimes necessary to inject OdorXit solution into the area between the plate at the bottom of the wall and the sub flooring. Drilling small holes through the hardwood flooring is sometimes necessary to inject OdorXit to areas that took urine weeks or years to contaminate.

The twist drill bits pictured here are 12 inches long. They make it very easy to drill the holes necessary for injecting OdorXit under walls. Drilling a hole every 6 to 10 inches is usually appropriate for most contamination problems. The resulting hole is easy to patch with spackle or calk.
The injector pictured here is available at many grocery stores and online. It is an Eastman Outdoors Model 38205 Monster Marinade Injector, used to inject liquid marinade into meat. As purchased it is not useful as an OdorXit injector because the end is closed and there are holes on the side of the needle.

Cutting the end of the needle off with a very fine tooth hack saw or a roller tubing cutter renders the injector perfect for use as an OdorXit injector. DO NOT sharpen the end of the needle. Rounding the edge works much better. This particular model has a 3/16" diameter needle which matches the diameter of the larger twist drill bit above.

This syringe body has a standard needle fitting that will accommodate smaller needles for injecting OdorXit Concentrate into the tongue and groove joints and through hardwood flooring. We recommend a #13 needle (not pictured) with the sharp part ground off to prevent it from clogging on wood chard's and prevent you from being arrested by over zealous DEA officers. A 3/32" twist drill will make a hole that the #13 needle will fit snugly into.

The tool pictured here is one of several very similar designs of wonder bar or super bar or wrecking bar available at Sears, and many other hardware stores for less than $10 (thicker is not necessarily better). One or 2 of these tools, used carefully, can effectively loosen and remove base boards, and door molding without damaging the wood or wall to expose hidden contamination. Six or 8 inch tall base boards found in older houses should be removed carefully and recovery attempted. Replacing it with new can be very costly.

This is what a minimum quality respirator looks like. This one is available from Sears for less than $15 and it could save your life on a nasty, dusty rehab project.

When cleaning, sweeping, sanding, removing plaster, drywall, base boards, door molding, carpeting and other contaminated or dusty components, the stuff stirred up and floating in the air often contains large quantities of mold, asbestos, lead, powdered feces, and who knows what other nasty things. This close fitting respirator may be hot to wear, but it will filter out most of the stuff that can make you permanently sick. Don't take chances with your health, use a respirator.

Gilmour fixed mix sprayer

This is the Gilmore 6 gallon sprayer. It mixes 5 ounces of the product in the dispenser bottle with 1 gallon of water. If you use this sprayer for OdorXit Concentrate on dirt on in crawl spaces, you will need to mix 4 ounces of OdorXit Concentrate with 8 to 12 ounces of water in the dispenser bottle to get the proper dilution rate of use on dirt.

If the black flat spray adapter is removed this unit will squirt a stream of OdorXit Solution up to 30 feet.

This unit is less than $20 at most ACE hardware stores.

Glimore Hose End Sptrayer

This is a variable mix unit that will mix what ever is in the dispenser bottle at a rate of 1 to 10 table spoons (1/2 ounce to 5 ounces) per gallon. That works out to about 1 ounce per 2 gallons on the 1 setting (1 part concentrate to 200 water) to 5 ounces per 1 gallon on the 10 setting (1 part concentrate to 20 parts water)

When spraying OdorXit Concentrate on dirt the normal dilution rate is 1 part Concentrate to about 80 to 100 parts of water. That would indicate that the proper setting would be 2 or 3 for undiluted OdorXit placed in the dispenser bottle.

This unit has a fan spray attachment on the nozzle that can be removed to make it a stream sprayer for getting Concentrate back in to the areas in a crawl space you can't walk to.

This unit is also available at many ACE hardware stores for less than $25.

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