Safely Eliminates Tough Odors IN MINUTES

Remove Urine Odor From:

Car Upholstery
Wood Flooring
And Many Other Materials

OdorXit Concentrate Products
Remove Urine Odor!

*or all your money back

Do You Have Urine Odor In Items That Are Too New and Valuable To Throw Away? OdorXit Concentrate will remove the urine odor forever without further damaging the item!
  • OdorXit Concentrate eliminates urine smell permanently
  • OdorXit is safe and works on washable and dry clean only clothing.
  • OdorXit contains not dangerous chemicals, enzymes or bacteria
  • Odorxit will not stain or discolor fabric, leather or clothing
  • Overnight delivery available on orders placed before 12pm EST Mon-Thr

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