Would You Like To Dramatically Increase Your Profits On Real Estate Rehabs?

It's Easy, Don't Pass On Pet Soiled Houses!

Yes, pet soiled houses are a big problem for real estate agents because if it smells, it won't sell! Even perfectly good houses with no apparent damage except pet soiling DO NOT SELL.

You can be the hero by buying these houses at deep discount, permanently eliminating the odor and reselling the house at retail. Yes at retail!!

It sounds too easy and common knowledge has it that you can not permanently eliminate Cat Urine odors without major renovation and sealing the whole place in stain sealers and paint. IT'S NOT SO!

In most non-extreme cases odor elimination is limited to removing carpeting, padding, tack stripping and sometimes base boards. Clean the floors and walls with an aggressive cleaning produce like TSP. Let it dry overnight and spray on OdorXit Concentrate. One treatment is very often all that is required.

You don't believe it can work? That's Ok, there are plenty of other people in your community who know it does work and are willing to make the money you are passing up.

Before you start tearing up or sealing flooring and walls to eliminate odors, use OdorXit Concentrate! The methods and procedures for being successful are right here on this web site.

OdorXit is 100% money back guaranteed to perform as advertised or we will return all of you money including shipping and handling. It really works!

If you have questions about how to eliminate odors, E-Mail your question to: Ask Questions or call our toll free help line: 1-877-636-7948 from North America or 001-513-895-1000 from the rest of the world.

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Last updated September, 2003