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OdorXit Practices and Procedures

Practices and Procedures for the effective use of OdorXit Products

Prepared by:
Martin Meyer, Vice President,
Listening Systems Inc., DBA OdorXit Products

Executive Summary

In the not so distant past if a facility smelled and looked clean it was a pretty good bet that it was clean and safe. A host of new and very difficult to treat spores and mold have made it more important than ever to make every effort to provide a clean, odor free environment for workers and customers alike. The real challenge to these goals is: How do we produce a clean and safe environment without putting workers and customers in contact with dangerous and largely ineffective products aimed at producing the desired outcome. This document will explain in considerable detail how exactly to safely accomplish these goals.

As has been done in the past, cleaning is largely a manual activity requiring hands, cleaning chemicals and tools of various kinds to accomplish the task. Nothing much has changed here for a very long time, that is except the chemicals. Many of the new "disinfectant" cleaners now have alcohol, oxygen or chlorine bleach, and other biocides in addition to detergent to help clean and disinfect surfaces. These biocides usually kill between 99% and 99.9% of the commonly found pathogen, but none will kill the MRSA and C. diff class pathogen. In fact this partial kill off of pathogens by these products and the use and over use of antibiotic medicines is arguably the reason why we now have super bugs that are resistant to nearly every medicine and disinfectant we have.

Odor control and elimination has been an interesting subject of conversation and advertising for many years. This is because most commonly available odor control products are simply perfumes that cover up the offending odors. In the 1980s, odor control products started to appear that used cultured bacteria and enzymes specially designed to eliminate some odors at their source. This trend continues even today with new enzyme products that target specific odors like mold and urine. Most of these products work pretty well given the proper conditions exist which include keeping the treated area wet for an extended period of time and the users wear the proper protective clothing. Some of the newer odor control products that are commercially available for dead body and crime scene clean-up are very toxic and dangerous to use.

What OdorXit Products Have To Offer

OdorXit Products are a collection of products that have been carefully selected for their safety and effectiveness. This does not mean that all OdorXit Products are effective against all odors or in all applications. We have found that there is simply no silver bullet when it comes to odor control. The spectrum of odors is so wide that it is simply not possible to create a single product that is effective in all cases.

As a result, OdorXit offers 3 products. Each address a very wide spectrum of odors and odor sources that often overlap the other 2 products. This overlap simply means that often more than one product can be used against a specific odor to accomplish the desired result. The methods are different but the results are similar.

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