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Are Really Tired of Smelling Urine Odors On Your Hardwood or Parquet Floors?

OdorXit will eliminate the odors that refinishing and sealers can not.

Urine Stained flooring

GUARANTEED or all your money back

OdorXit Concentrate

If you have not yet refinished

or applied a sealer to your contaminated flooring, OdorXit Concentrate solution will easily and completely eliminate the urine odor with a minimal effort. Once the odor is eliminated, you can do what ever you like to the hardwood to restore the surface to its original condition and the odor will not return (save recontamination).

If you have refinished

or applied a sealer over your contaminated flooring, you are facing a much more labor intensive process starting with removing all of the paint and/or sealer. OdorXit Concentrate solution will not penetrate the paint or sealer, but you can bet the smell will. Once the OdorXit Concentrate gets to all the urine contamination, the odor will be gone forever and then you can refinish or carpet to you hearts content without fear of the odor returning.

Buy OdorXit Concentrate odor remover

If you have already refinished or sealed your flooring and failed to eliminate the odor, please call our toll free help line 1-877-OdorXit(636-7948). We can help you with your problem!

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To talk to one of our odor control experts via email or call us at 877-636-7948 or (01-)513-895-1000
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