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Fernando Sousa wrote:
Just a quick note to let you know the product worked as advertised (and then some!)
I bought an older boat and had no idea I would be dealing with rotten-moldy food on the galley, diesel smells in the engine room and - worst-of-the-worst - a leaking black water holding bladder. That in itself is a story I do not wish to even tell.

Well, I had tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. After following the advice"Get rid of the source first" and applying OdorXit as instructed, my guests smell nothing but cheese and wine on my deck. Even got compliments on how good the "head" smells. My engine room still has a hint of diesel, but, hey...It's an engine room, right???. Your stuff really works!!!

Thanks. I am a happy sailor.
Fernando Sousa - San Diego, Ca.*

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How to get rid of fish smell easily and forever!

Are you tired of coming home from a fishing trip and everybody can "smell" you've been fishing? Or maybe you cooked fish last night for dinner and the house and the refrigerator smell like fish. You need to know how to get rid of fish smell completely.

You've sprayed the spray-it-every-day and plugged in the plug-ins and lit the candles. You've put the lemons and coffee grounds in the refrigerator.

Nope. It still smells fishy. You still need to know how to get rif of fish smell completely.

Now it's time to try OdorXit Concentrate. Just spray it on the odor source. IN MINUTES, the odor will be gone. Safe and Easy! It will get rid of fish smell on your hands too!

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Get rid of fish smell so fast and easy you won't believe it!

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