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Do you ever have to remove cat pee smell from your favorite clothes?

Or How To Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell Easily, Safely and Completely IN ONLY MINUTES!

Now you CAN remove cat pee smell and save all your clothes where your cat left you unwanted presents!

GUARANTEED or your money back
Cat in the baxket
  • Do you ever have to remove cat pee smell in your cats favorite place to sleep - the laundry basket?
  • Have you ever cat sat for a friend on vacation and the cat peed on your clothes?
  • Then you threw the clothes out because they still smell after laundering!

    Buy the OdorXit Concentrate eliminate cat pee smell

  • When you find your next shirt or jacket with cat pee or cat spray on it, you're going to find that removing the cat pee smell from clothes is still aggravating but a hole lot easier than ever before.

    Buy OdorXit Concentrate

    Just spray the area with diluted OdorXit Concentrate. It is the perfect odor remover. It neutralizes and eliminates odors while you wash the garment. Just add OdorXit Concentrate right in the washing machine with the detergent. The cat pee odor will be gone! OdorXit Concentrate is the best urine odor eliminator ever. Try it and see for yourself. And it works on dogs and people!

    OdorXit Concentrate removes cat pee smell even after you've tried and failed with other methods including dry cleaning, laundering and ironing.

    Buy the OdorXit Concentrate to eliminate cat pee smell

    • Add OdorXit Concentrate to the washing machine
    • Add your garments
    • Add detergent
    • Turn on the washing machine as usual but leave the lid open. It will fill with water, agitate then stop.
    • Let the garments soak for at least 10 minutes.
    • Close the washing machine lid and let it wash as usual.
    • It's Safe
    • 100% effective
    • All Natural
    • And there's no cover-up fragrances!


    After a lovely dinner and show, my x-girlfriend's cat (who saw me as his competition) peed on my $3000 Armani suit coat that I had carefully laid over a chair. I had the coat dry cleaned 3 times at 3 different cleaners who swore they knew how to remove the odor of cat urine. They didn't. In desperation I searched the web. I found and called OdorXit. The guy who answered said the same thing. His stuff would work and that I had nothing to lose but the odor because it was guaranteed. Ya, sure. But I tried it. And it did get rid of cat urine smell. I'm still wearing that suit but the girl and the cat and the odor are all gone.
    Jonathan R Esq., NYC

    *DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

    Remove the Odor of Cat Urine and Spray From:

    1-877-636-7948 from North America or 001-513-895-1000 from the rest of the world.

    Buy the OdorXit Concentrate and eliminate cat pee smell

    Remove cat pee smell so fast and easy you won't believe it!


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