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Smoking in a car

DoYou Need to Remove Smoke Odor from your Car

because car pooling is stinky?

When you discover how easy it is to remove smoke odor from your car - you'll be buying stinky cars, eliminate the smoke odor with AQM, and sell them for a lot more money!

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GUARANTEED or all your money back

If your ride to work consists of smokers, even if they do put the cigarette out the window, you still can still need to remove smoke odor and have a stinky car. If cigarette smoke smell bothers you, your nose or your breathing, then you'll need to spend some time to discover how to remove smoke odor from your car.

You say "There is nothing out there that really does eliminate smoke odor from your car."

You've tried the dealers' remedy. A new car spray. $0.29. That didn't work.

You've sprayed the enzymes for $14.00. That didn't remove smoke odor from your car.

You tried Febreze? That made it smell like a floral arrangement.

They all promise smoke odor removal but their promise really isn't worth much.

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Do any of these others sound like you trying to get rid of stinky car smell?

  • Just cleaning my car wasn't enough to remove the odors completely which is why my smell keeps coming back.
  • Using ozone to remove smoke smell destroyed the fabric and plastics in my car and didn't really destroy the smoke smell.
  • Ozone, fogs and fumigators also left their own smell in place of the smoke odor for up to six months.

and now you need to


AQM- Air Quality Manager - by OdorXit -is an easy three step process to completely remove smoke odor from car, house or boat. AQM oxidizes the odors - gets rid of them completely, safely and they never come back.

What you need:

  • AQM packet
  • A fan
  • 10 drops of water

It's that easy.

Remove smoke smell from your car so fast and easy you won't believe it!

Buy OdorXit odor remover

Ozone Machine AQM
by OdorXit
• Oxidizes odor
• Selectively oxidizes everything in area X
• Can be in the room while it works X
• Won't harm plastics or electronics X
• Non Toxic X
• Doesn't bleach surfaces X
Not harmful to lungs during normal use X
Cost usage $329
Lasts For Ever

Less than $50
per car

TESTIMONIALS (results are based on recommended usage)

Dear OdorXit I Bought an Expedition from a guy who smoked a Cigar and can you imagine how bad cigar smoke smells in a closed up hot truck. BAD!!! I tried Febreze, Lysol and I even had 12 air freshener trees hanging in my truck. That did not help the cigar smell. I ran into a friend who told me to try the AQM. The AQM got rid of the cigar smell in my truck overnight and for just $25. Now I don't have to drive with my head out the window any more. I was able to totally get rid of cigar smell and my truck smells great now!! Thank you so much Kim Cincinnati, OH*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Use AQM to remove smoke odor from your car completely.

Hi Martin,

I recently ordered the 10g AQM/clo2 product after trying to remove smoke odor from my '08 Toyota 4 Runner I recently purchased as a pre-owened vehicle. The dealership tried to "mask" the odor using dryer sheets and an interior shampoo. Being a nonsmoker, it was easy for me to still smell the smoke.

So when I got home I tried using distilled white vinegar and charcoal as well as coffee grounds. they worked some, but I wanted the odor completely gone. Here is where OdorXit comes in. I order the 10g AQM/Clo2 packet, placed it in my vehicle for about 12 hours and binge...odor is GONE, not masked, not temporarily gone, but GONE. I am writing this after day 3 to make sure, but the disgusting smell of the chemical from chgarette smoke has been eliminate. Great product. Thanks, Gary M. Arkansas*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


Remove smoke smell from your car so fast and easy you won't believe it!

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