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How can you remove cigarette smoke from your car or truck?

It's almost too easy to believe. Just remove the outer covering from the OdorXit® ClO2 package, place the inner breathable packet in a plastic cup or in the included plastic self adhesive mounting pouch and place it in your car. Using a small fan to circulate the air will help a lot. The humidity in the car and the powder in the packet does the rest. (40% RH minimum or add a small amount of water to the cup or pouch).

In a few days, while you continue to use your car, all the cigarette smoke, fungus, spores and odor will be gone.

Total odor removal may take a few hours to a few days depending on the amount of smoke residue, the size size packet used, air circulation, humidity and temperature, but the smoke will all will be oxidized! Guaranteed!


Another $200 and All They Did was Cover Up Smoke Smell in Your Car?

Do It Yourself DIY for a lot less and never cover up smoke smell in your car or house ever again.

GUARANTEED or all your money back

You got a great deal on that used car you bought but after the new car fragrance spray disappeared, a new odor showed up...cigarette smoke. YUK! Another cover up smoke smell job.

So you spent almost $200 at the detail shop and a week later you realized all they did was cover up smoke smell too. The car is still a good deal but either the smell or the car has to go! Seems like you are out of options, doesn't it?

OdoXit AQM

So what can you do? To get rid of the smoke smell you have to get rid of the tobacco residue. They say paint a sealer over it. Paint my car? Really? And how can paint seal in a gas like the tar and tobacco residue? Yeah. I didn't think so.

They say spray it with Febreze. I want my car to smell fresh. Not like a floral garden. And I don't want a cover up.

Isn't there anything out there to eliminate smoke smell completely?


Get a 10 gram packet of OdorXit AQM (ClO2) and get rid of the cigarette odor in just 2 or 3 day while you use your car normally. It's less than $50. Just close the windows when you are not driving. No scrubbing or washing necessary. And put a fan in the car over night to stir the vapor from the packet around in the car. It's that easy.

So why don't car dealers and detailers use OdorXit so they can eliminate smoke smell completely and not hide the smoke smell? You'll just have to ask them.

Buy OdorXit AQM and MOMS odor remover

OdorXit AQM (ClO2) will:

  • Eliminate tobacco smoke from windows, upholstery and plastic parts without damaging them like ozone does.
  • Completely remove that awful cigarette smoke smell and will remove cigar smell too.
  • Sorry, it won't take out dents or repair broken parts, but its really works on smoke..
  • Overnight delivery available on orders placed before 12pm EST Mon-Thu

AQM eliminates smoke smell so fast and easy you won't believe it! So you won't have to cover up smoke smell ever again.

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